Aero 360 Agri drone 10L
Aero 360 Agri drone 10L
Aero 360 Agri drone 10L
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Aero 360 Agri drone 10L

Product Description


The agricultural drone is used to help optimize agriculture operations, increase crop production, and monitor crop growth. The Quadcopter is used for Spraying Plant protection Chemicals in Farms. Its payload carrying capacity is 10L. The arm adopts cross-folding and staggered folding method, which minimizes the folded size and facilitates transfer and transportation. The body is made of high-strength, impact-resistant materials, which are strong and resistant fall. The body surface is UV-treated, scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, overall dust-proof and waterproof, and can be washed directly with water

Upto 20 mins Flight Time

Waterproof Drone

25 kg Max Takeoff Weight

Payload Capacity: 10 L

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