Aero 360 Agri drone 17L
Aero 360 Agri drone 17L
Aero 360 Agri drone 17L
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Aero 360 Agri drone 17L

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AERO 360 AGRI Drone 17L 


Aero360 Agri drone 17L is an agricultural spraying drone. The agricultural hexacopter is sturdy and has very good stability. It is made of carbon fiber material which features light weight and high strength. It features high ruggedness, compact arms, strong landing gears and good endurance, empowering you to overcome any challenge, safely and efficiently. The arm adopts cross-folding and staggered folding method, which minimizes the folded size and facilitates transfer and transportation. The whole machine is dustproof and waterproof.

The drone is equipped with powerful motor and high efficiency propeller to have a flight time of 10 to 18 mins. The multicopter is equipped with landing gear system. It also has an FPV camera with 1280X960 resolution. The drone has omnidirectional digital radar for obstacle avoidance.


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