Aero 360 Astra mapping drone
Aero 360 Astra mapping drone
Aero 360 Astra mapping droneAero 360 Astra mapping droneAero 360 Astra mapping drone
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Aero 360 Astra mapping drone

Product Description

AERO 360 Astra Mapping Drone

Product Description


Aero360 Astra micro drone is a Mapping drone with options of rgb mapping camera and multispectral camera. The quadcopter is sturdy and has very good stability. It is made of carbon fiber material which features light weight and high strength. It features high ruggedness, compact arms, strong landing gears and ultra-long endurance, empowering you to overcome any challenge, safely and efficiently.

Equipped with Advanced Transmission System, it achieves a fairly long-distance signal transmission of up to 5 kms (LOS), allowing for more possibilities for those who demand aircrafts with long range control and endurance to perform tasks. The drone is equipped with powerful motor and high efficiency propeller to ensure long flight time of 20+mins. The multicopter is equipped with landing gear system, it has enough space between the center board and the ground. So, this drone can be equipped with many mapping payloads within 250 grams of weight.


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