Aero 360 hybrid vtol 230
Aero 360 hybrid vtol 230
Aero 360 hybrid vtol 230
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Aero 360 hybrid vtol 230

Product Description

Aero360 Hybrid VTOL Drone


Aero360 Hybrid VTOL featuring high performance is cost-effective and easy-to-use VTOL specifically designed for mapping. Made from composite materials, the whole frame is light and tough. The quick-assemble design allows you to assemble it easily without any tools so as to shorten preparation time for each flight. VTOL is equipped with ground control station and mapping camera, it can complete 12 square kilometer area mapping job in a 90-min-flight, if equipped with Here+ RTK Base(option) VTOL can realize centimeter-level positioning. VTOL features aerodynamic shape and Low air resistance. 


With powerful propulsion system, Max. Take-off weight 8kg and the endurance time is 110 minutes with no payload. Besides, it withstands 5.5m/s-7.9m/s(12.5mph-17.5mph) wind, making it possible to perform aerial task in various complex situations. The GPS module is mounted on tail-wing, away from power system, that greatly reduces interference; The ESC for fixed wing mode is mounted on the outside for better heat dissipation. The camera cabin's neat wiring layout helps to configure the camera without wires getting intertwined.


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