Aero 360 VTOL 250
Aero 360 VTOL 250
Aero 360 VTOL 250
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Aero 360 VTOL 250

Product Description

Aero 360 VTOL 250 is a long-endurance tail-pushed VTOL with high efficiency specifically designed for long-range inspection, surveillance and mapping jobs, which can realize 3.5H endurance with 1.2kg payload.

Aero 360 VTOL 250 adopts carbon fibre integrated moulding process, which makes the whole body light and durable, the aerodynamic design and smooth surface ensure a low air resistance.

The quick-detach design on both fuselage and cable connector makes it easy to assembly the drone in a short time. In particular, the detachable tail design has the advantages of reducing the volume and convenient transportation. The detachable payload compartment is also convenient for loading different task equipment.


With long duration and stable flight performance AYK-250 VTOL can be applied in inspection and surveillance, mapping and survey by loading different gimbal cameras or mapping cameras, such as Foxtech 10x/30x zoom cameras, 3DM-V3Argus V2 oblique camera and MS600 multispectral camera etc.

In mapping combo Aero 360 VTOL 250 is equipped with Foxtech MS600 multispectral camera and DA16S+ radio controller featuring 8km rc/data transmission range, which can be used for crop condition and water quality monitoring, resource investigation etc.

Aero 360 VTOL 250 equipped with SEEKER-30 TR 30X zoom camera and T30S dual-screen ground control station featuring 15km rc/data/video transmission range can be used for long range inspection like public security, border defence and energy industries.



Version: Aero 360 VTOL 250 

Type: VTOL

Colour: Grey

Wingspan: 2500mm

Length: 1260mm

Material: Carbon Fibre

Frame weight: 3.2kg

RTF weight(no battery, no payload): 6.2kg

Max. take-off weight: 0~3000m@13.5kg

Suggested payload(excluding battery/fuel): 1.2kg


4h(2x6s 25000mAh battery @ no payload)

3.5h(2x6s 25000mAh battery@1.2kg payload)

Max cruising speed: 26m/s@12.5kg

Stall speed:15.5m/s@12.5kg

Max flight altitude:4800m(Max.)

Battery: 2x6S 25000mAh (5.1kg)

Battery cabin: 260mm*150mm*85mm

Wind Resistance: 10.8m/s-13.8m/s(fixed wing); 5.5m/s-7.9m/s(VTOL)

Working voltage: 12S

Working temperature: -20~45;

Carrying case: 1300mm*530mm*470mm  

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